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The aim of the center is to provide expertise in collaboration with:

  • Research teams of the University of Ioannina, Greek universities generally
  • Research Centers
  • Hospitals
  • Industries

in the following areas of research and applications:

  • Synthesis and structural studies of new chemical compounds with emphasis on new drugs and biotechnology products. Modern NMR techniques contribute significantly to control the composition, purity, and a wide range of structural studies and biological compounds of pharmacological interest. These studies with the latest techniques of multidimensional NMR and polynuclear can be extended to structural studies in a state of complexation with receptors that will contribute further to the reasoned synthesis drugs with selective properties.
  • Materials. The NMR contributes significantly (in some cases is the selection method) to study new materials of technological importance such as glasses, ceramics, synthetic polymer membranes, etc.
  • Catalysis. Using specialized techniques in solid state NMR is possible to study compounds and reactions in catalytic surfaces with enormous economic and technological importance. Heterogeneous catalysis is an important application area such as oxidation, corrosion, the formation of ultrathin films technological interest.
  • Food Analysis. The NMR contributes significantly to the age of the control wines, the identification of fatty ingredients oils, extracts of natural products and to study mechanisms of food spoilage without the need to destroy the samples as required by the conventional and often time-consuming wet chemical methods.
  • Clinical applications. The NMR study contributes significantly to metabolic processes in the detection and characterization of metabolites of biological fluids in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo.
  • Environmental applications. NMR spectroscopy study contributes to environmental problems in both air and soil (eg impoundments of toxic organic compounds from humic acids).
This infrastructure and know-how and scientific training of human resources of the Center makes it possible to download all kinds of spectra (and omopyrinika eteropyrinika). Recently he has applied the technique of taking spectra DOSY (Spectroscopy Classification based on diffusion) is a promising technique for separations of mixtures, marriage and study mechanisms of chemical balance is.


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